This September we are asking our supporters to help us raise $30K in 30 Days!

This race to raise funds will help us care for the many, MANY animals at the shelter while they wait for loving homes.

Join us as a fundraiser with your own giving page and engage your family and friends to support a cause you love!

How to help:

  1. You can make a gift to the campaign here

Or you can become a fundraiser!

  1. Set up your own personalized fundraising page here
  2. Decide on your tactic, here’s some ideas:
    1. email your contacts and share on social media
    2. encourage donations by entering donors in a drawing for a prize
    3. give drawings for each donation
    4. hold a yard sale or drink stand for a day to raise funds
  3. Promote your fundraiser – we will give you great pics of pets in need and the words to say to spread your message
  4. Raise funds for Heartland! It is that easy and we will help the whole way!