Heartland Humane is a nonprofit animal shelter and care organization working to make Benton County a safe and healthy place for every pet, and for the people who love them.

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Wildfires: Emergency Pet Sheltering & Supplies, Lost & Found Pets

Update 9/16/2020: Our emergency sheltering and pet supplies resources are now open to out of county residents, subject to availability.

While our county is not currently under threat of evacuation, things can change rapidly and Heartland Humane is here to help. If you need emergency pet sheltering, or supplies for evacuating with your pet, please read this post about how Heartland can help: Click Me

If you have lost or found a pet in Benton County, Heartland’s shelter is the stray pet facility for our area. Please visit our Lost & Found Pets page to learn more and look for your pet.


Fosters Needed for Cats and Kittens

Can you give a break to a cat and make room for more at the shelter? Ready to help care for kittens too young to be at the shelter? Visit our Fostering page to learn more and find the link to apply.


Sponsored Pets

These pets have been sponsored by community members and local businesses.


Find out more: Heartland’s Sponsored Pets

Sponsor a pet of your own: Sponsor a Shelter Pet


It’s Raining Kittens!

Heartland is taking in cats and kittens every day, with more coming in as the season progresses.
You can help provide supplies and medical care so these cats and kittens have the best chance at
staying healthy and finding a loving home.



The Thrift Shop is open! Thursday – Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm

We are taking precautions to keep our volunteers and the public safe. Please visit the Thrift Shop page for more details. We would love to be open more. If you’re interested in helping us resume this crucial revenue source, you can join the Thrift Shop volunteer team: Apply now!


COVID-19 Update for the Shelter: 9/16/2020

Operations during Fall 2020:

Heartland Humane Shelter and Care is committed to the continued service to animals and the people who love them in our community. At this time, Heartland Humane Shelter and Care will be operating under the following conditions:

  • Staff will continue to accept intakes, return animals to owners, work with fosters, and facilitate adoptions by appointment. To schedule, or learn more, please email adopt@heartlandhumane.org.
  • Strays services are active. If you are able, please email adopt@heartlandhumane.org. The lobby is staffed between 11 am – 4 pm. For immediate assistance, please call 541-757-9000, then dial extension 0 [zero].
  • The Pet Food Pantry is available between 11 am – 4 pm every day. Please knock on the front doors for assistance.
  • Unscheduled public visits, tours, outreach, volunteer groups, Humane Education programs, and at-will volunteering remain inactive until further notice.

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Heartland Needs Your Support

COVID-19 has significantly impacted our funding. Our life-saving work with animals hasn’t stopped, but we need your help now more than ever.

Monetary Donations Keep Heartland Open to Animals

Donate directly to shelter operations. Donate Online or visit our Donations Page for other methods.

Your Pet Food Donations Keep Animals Fed

Our #1 need is always high quality dry cat food. We aren’t picky about brand; as long as the first two ingredients are meat proteins, our cats are happy. We use adult, kitten, and senior dry cat foods, or you can purchase ‘All Life Stages’ food.

Monthly Giving Guarantees Our Work Will Continue

Join our Circle of Kindness monthly giving program. Join at any level and know that you are creating a better future for the animals. Join Now

Other Ways to Help

No matter how big or small, your support makes our work possible. Thank you from the staff and animals at Heartland Humane Shelter & Care.