Saving Lives

saving-livesFoster Care Saves More Lives

Foster Care gives animals a second chance. Foster homes care for animals that are too young or too ill to stay at the shelter. With generous support from community members who open their homes to these animals, HHS expands the walls of the shelter, serving more animals than the facility could do alone. Last year, 689 animals spent time in Foster Care.

Preventing Unwanted Pets

Heartland Humane Society provides life-saving medical treatment for animals, as well as important spay/neuter services to address pet overpopulation in the community.
1,125 surgeries were performed in the clinic last year.

In addition to providing services to animals in our care, we also provide surgical services to other groups, including:

Heartland works with many shelters throughout the region to save animal lives. When we have space we will transfer animals in from shelters with higher density populations and from shelters who lack necessary resources to adequately serve a particular animal. These transfers are at our discretion so we can always fulfill our commitment to our service area of Benton County. Most of these transfers are Linn County Animal ControlLincoln County Animal Services and ProtectionLuvable Dog Rescue and Luv-a-Little,  and dogs from the START program which serves many municipal shelters in California.

We also work with many shelters and rescues to place our animals to broaden their chance for a new home. Transferring to placement partners reduces the population of animals at Heartland and gives more animals a better chance for new families. Some of the groups we work with include Senior Dog Rescue of OregonPet Adoption NetworkCat Adoption TeamOregon Humane SocietyLuvable Dog Rescue, and various breed-specific rescues.