We now offer group dog training classes!

Our first class focuses on resocialization, but there are more to come.

Next Class: Rover Resocialization on May 14th. Registration links are at the bottom of the page.



Rover Resocialization: A Post-Covid Canine Class

This group training class is specifically designed to help dogs who have been under-socialized during the pandemic, which isolated dogs as much as it did humans. If you have a dog that is unable to self-soothe or regulate their excitement/anxiety around other dogs, people, or in new situations, then this is the class for you!

This class will provide a safe place for your dog to adjust to being around other dogs and strangers while on leash. You will learn basic maneuvers for handling an over-excited dog, if needed, and have time for individual guidance from the instructor.

This class is NOT a playgroup – there will be no dog-on-dog meets during the class. Dogs will be spaced out and required to stay under leash control.

We believe all dogs could benefit from this kind of training, as all dogs have gone through the pandemic in the last two years. Reactive dogs are welcome. Shy and timid dogs are encouraged to come. As the class is held outdoors, we have flexibility with spacing dogs according to their comfort.  If you have questions about whether your dog is a good fit for this opportunity, please email our trainer: tasman@heartlandhumane.org.

Note: If your dog is especially reactive to seeing other dogs or strangers, please indicate this in your registration so we can prepare accordingly.


Next Available Classes:

Rover Resocialization
When: Saturday, May 14th, 10 AM – 11 AM
Where: Avery Park, Thompson Shelter
Cost: $25/dog
Limit: One dog per person or group, up to three people per group
Please, no children under 12 (we will have other classes appropriate for children).

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