Heartland Takes in over 50 dogs from Hoarding Case

Heartland Humane Shelter & Care is working with Benton County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control to take in 53* small dogs from an area home. The dogs are Havanese and range in age from 8 months to 8 years. (*11/14: This number has been updated from the original 43.)

The shelter took in the first 8 dogs November 2nd. Once staff had vetted the dogs, they were pleased to find that their conditions are treatable. Regarding their temperament, Foster Coordinator Samantha Mont said, “they’re a little under-socialized, but I think they would do well with someone who was patient with them to help them be comfortable.”

Heartland, like most animal shelters, has been seeing an uptick in dog intakes and a slowdown in dog adoptions. Responding in hoarding situations can be difficult under normal circumstances but is particularly so now, as the shelter is already nearly at capacity for dogs (a good reminder that much of our work is done helping animals who are not, or not yet, available for adoption). Shelter staff hopes that people who are on the fence about adding a dog to their family will consider fostering to help ease the strain on the shelter’s resources. Donations are also needed and appreciated, as these dogs require medical attention and care while in the shelter. Each will need to be fixed, treated for parasites, and several will need special surgeries.

As more is learned about these dogs, Heartland Humane is turning the focus from finding fosters to matching them with adoptive homes. Interested parties are encouraged to submit an adoption application below, but the shelter cautions that these dogs may not be a great fit for every home.



Interested in adopting? Please fill out an application and we will be in touch!

We are working hard to process, vet, and care for the 53 dogs in this case. Meanwhile, our other work for the animals of Benton County has not stopped. Please allow up to a week for us to respond to your application. If you have submitted an application, we will be in touch.

These adoptions work differently than our normal procedures.

  • Adoptions will be by appointment only.
  • During your appointment, we will show you the dogs that are appropriate for your home. We have pre-screened applications to match them with suitable dogs and will only be showing these dogs to potential adopters.
  • You will have 45 minutes during your appointment. Please come ready to adopt that day. Bring any member of the household who will need to approve the adoption, as well as any dogs that live in the home so we can do a dog-to-dog meet.
  • We are unable to place holds on these dogs. If you cannot or do not want to adopt that day, we will be happy to schedule you an appointment for the following week.
  • However, in some cases, they may need dental care or other medical care that requires follow-up. In these instances, you will be invited to foster-to-adopt. The dog will go home with you that day. You will bring them back to Heartland Humane for their procedure, then adopt them when they are returned to your care.

If you have questions, we will discuss them with you when we call to go over your application. Please do not contact us with questions, as we are fielding an unprecedented number of emails and calls.