Classroom Visits

Heartland Humane Society’s humane education program instills values and facilitates character development through age appropriate lessons regarding responsible pet ownership, safety around animals, as well as respect and compassion towards animals and people. Our lessons about humane treatment of animals help schools meet “Instructions in Ethics and Morality” under ORS Statue 336.067.

Each topic is roughly 30 minutes, however, length can differ depending on targeted age group.

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

How to Greet a Dog/ Dog Safety Lesson

Teaches children to respect dogs and make wise decisions in meeting, caring for and owning a dog. Also teaches children how to understand the behavior and body language of dogs.

Responsible Pet Care

Children are given the first steps towards being responsible pet owners, by learning how to respect and meet the needs of their pets.

Cat & Dog 101

Covers cat & dog anatomy, and answers some of those fun who, what, where, and why questions about our wonderful companions.

Pocket Pets

Teaches the importance of making good decisions when choosing a pet, including the consideration of costs, time and space requirements. Also teaches children how to handle, care for, and own small pets.

6th Grade through 8th Grade

Animal Related Careers

 Teaches students about a variety of career opportunities with animals and what some of the requirements are to achieve success.

Health Benefits of Pets

Teaches students, through a discussion, on what the health benefits are and how to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Heartland Humane Society and the Community

Teaches students about the role of the humane society in the community, the effects of pet overpopulation, responsible pet ownership, and ways they can get involved.

To set up a classroom visit, please contact Lauren Garcia, Humane Education Coordinator at or call 541.757.9000 ext. 108