While our county is not currently under threat of evacuation, things can change rapidly and Heartland Humane is here to help.
  • If you need to evacuate and cannot take your pets, you can house them at our shelter through our Safe Housing Program. This program is free to residents of Benton County. Residents outside of Benton County can receive emergency sheltering if we are able, subject to availability of shelter space.
  • If you are evacuating and need pet supplies and gear (including crates and food), we may be able to help. This offer of supplies extends to residents outside our county.
During business hours/planning ahead: Contact us via email at safehousing@heartlandhumane.org, or by phone at 541-757-9000, ext 0, and you will be contacted as soon as possible.
Emergency contact (24 hr): Emily James, cell phone number 541-760-1790.


Lost Pets in Benton County

Heartland Humane’s animal shelter is the housing facility for lost and found pets in Benton County. Any animals picked up by law enforcement will be sheltered at our facility.

If you lose a pet/are forced to evacuate without your pet:

  • Check our Lost & Found Pets Page to see if you animal has been taken to the shelter
  • Submit a Lost & Found Pet Report so that we can contact you in the event your pet is found
  • Check and post in local social media groups, such as Facebook’s Lost and Found Pets of Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon
  • Check and post in the Lost & Found and Pets sections of your local Craigslist


Pet Safety: Wildfire Smoke

Over the last 24 hours, residents of Linn and Benton Counties have experienced some of the worst air quality conditions in the country. If the air is unsafe for humans, it’s unsafe for your pets too. Please keep your pets indoors as much as possible, and refer to this Factsheet from the US EPA.

Wildfire Smoke Factsheet: Protect Your Pets