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Heartland Humane Thrift Shop



411 SW 3rd St, Corvallis, OR 97333

Store Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm

Phone: (541) 757-0573


Located in downtown Corvallis, the Heartland Humane Thrift Shop generates 25-30% of Heartland Humane’s annual budget! Our life-saving work would not be possible without the support of this sweet little shop! From the ordinary to the extraordinary, get great deals on home goods, clothing, vintage collectibles, shoes, books, art, and new and used pet items.

Look for our high-value and unique items on Craigslist and eBay!  Note: We have a new eBay account heartlandshelter.



We accept donations of small furniture, household goods, books, toys, collectibles, clothing, and accessories. The sale of these items benefits Heartland Humane Shelter & Care and keeps useful goods out of landfills. Drive around to the alley behind the shop (access from Adams Ave) to drop off donations at the double doors. See our full list: Acceptable Donations


Our thrift store is staffed by volunteers and is a great way to contribute to Heartland Humane. We need your help:

About the Thrift Shop

By Alex Vigen

At the Heartland Humane Thrift Shop the storefront is clean and maintained, and seasonal items and outfits are displayed in the windows behind giant photos of cute animals and pawprints. If the weather cooperates, sale items are out on the sidewalk, inviting guests to peruse and tempting them with what else may be inside.

A new customer’s first time in the Heartland Thrift Shop is always exciting; it’s much bigger on the inside and there is something to discover for literally anyone. A near-full set of 1992 Donruss baseball cards, a classic victrola, and clothing of every size, shape, and era greeted me when I walked in last time, not to mention the like-new pet products and the sorely tempting nostalgia of Candyland and Lincoln Logs.

Thrifting took off in the early 2000s and has only gotten more popular since then. On the surface, thrifting offers low prices on used goods for our community, but Heartland’s Thrift Shop is so much more than that. The incredible manager Tiga and her veritable army of volunteers run the whole show, putting in more than 1,200 volunteer hours each month. Some of these volunteers, who handle sales, donation intakes, recycling, and pricing (to name a few), have been working at the shop for more than twenty years. Susan W. started volunteering and brought in Judy, who brought in Joan, and so on. The group is tight-knit, and they welcome new volunteers with a smile. One gentleman comes in once a week to fix things like the bamboo changing screen that was missing a piece, and another volunteer specializes in collectible items. Yet another runs the eBay store, the place for items that are too big or unwieldy for the shop itself. These volunteers are an immense part of the fact that the Heartland Thrift Shop has posted record revenue numbers nearly every month this year. They give a lot of credit to Tiga, who has been working incredibly hard to grow the shop into what it has become, and Tiga maintains that it’s a team effort. Each volunteer matters to the shop, and the shop is more than just a way to pass the time. It’s a social spot, part of a bigger community.

That community is not limited to the shop, either. For one, the people around us are both our suppliers and our customers. Every donation and every purchase matters. Excess items that simply won’t fit on the shelves go to the Corvallis Men’s Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, CARDV, and Vina Moses Center. Some volunteers find us through Work Unlimited, building their resume with invaluable job experience. Of course, everything from the Thrift Shop directly benefits Heartland Humane, which is how we are able to provide care for the animals that need it most in Corvallis and Benton County. If you can’t take home one of our animals, the Thrift Shop is an excellent way to show your support for your local animal shelter.

Whether you enjoy mystery novels, vintage clothing, or art pieces that you’d never see anywhere else, the Heartland Thrift Shop has something for you.

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