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Cat About Town


Cat About Town



Fighting feline homelessness one cat at a time!

“Cat About Town” is a program designed to combat feline homelessness by engaging the business community. As an extension of our foster program, local businesses and organizations will host and showcase adoptable cats in their place of business, increasing exposure of both our adoptable cats and the shelter. The foster program is designed to keep as many felines in the caring hands of foster volunteers as possible, while leaving more room at the shelter to house the increasing number of cats coming into HHS.

Read the Corvallis Gazette-Times report on Cat About Town here: Click Me.


Business Benefits

Aside from the benefits to the shelter and its feline population, this program provides local businesses with a wonderful public relations opportunity as well as a greater sense of community involvement. See our past and current business foster partners here.

Responsibilities of a Foster Business

Keep the foster cat safe and comfortable. Treat the foster cat as if they were your own. Fresh food and water every day and clean litter boxes.

Monitor their health and behavior. Contact Heartland Humane Society immediately if the foster cat becomes ill or is injured. Please do not seek medical care on your own for the foster cat.

Socialize. Spend time with the foster cat and assist others (i.e. customers & employees) if they would like to interact with the foster cat.

Financial help. Heartland Humane Society has supplies for you to use, but as most of our supplies are donated, anything you can buy for your foster cat is a donation to us. Keep track of what you spend for a tax deduction!

Advertise your Foster Cat. Inform others that the cat is available for adoption and refer any interested adopters to Heartland Humane Society.

Responsibilities of Heartland Humane Society

Heartland Humane Society (HHS) will use the ASCPA ‘Meet Your Match’ program to match a foster host organization with a cat. ‘Meet Your Match’ is the only method in existence today that evaluates an animal’s behavior and interests and matches them to a foster host’s preference.

HHS has a limited number of cages for host organizations to use if they prefer to cage the cat. Cages are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Any necessary veterinary care your kitty needs along with an emergency number to call for after-hour questions or concerns.

HHS will support the host site throughout the fostering program as outlined in the Foster Agreement. If needed, an HHS volunteer may be able to assist in daily care.


Get Involved!

“Cat About Town” is a working partnership between the host business and the staff and volunteers of Heartland Humane Society from start to finish. The process is as follows:

A business expresses interest in becoming a host site and submits a CAT application.

Email [email protected] for more information.

The business is contacted by HHS staff to set up a short consultation interview to create a Foster Care Plan and to be matched with a foster cat.

HHS staff transport and set up the foster cat and supplies.

If someone expresses interest in adopting a host site’s foster cat, the business will direct the interested party to HHS. Normal HHS adoption protocols must be followed.[/fusion_text]

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