Heartland Humane and Law Enforcement

Heartland Humane’s animal shelter is contracted to house animals on behalf of the Corvallis Police Department and Benton County Sheriff’s Department.
However, our organization is not a law enforcement agency and has no legal authority over these animals. We cannot give out information on animals in our care, nor confirm that they are at our facility.
Any concerns about current cases should be directed to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
Corvallis Police Department Non-Emergency Line: 541-766-6911
Benton County Animal Control: 541-766-6841


Intake by Owner Surrender: Winter 2023

Our shelter remains open-intake for strays found in Benton County. Found pets can be brought to our shelter between 12 pm and 5 pm, 7 days a week. On closed days, please ring the doorbell.

Intake by owner surrender is managed through a waitlist to ensure we have the proper space and resources to house your pet when they arrive. If you are a pet owner needing to surrender your pet to our shelter, please use the appropriate form at the link to tell us about your pet: Pet Surrender. All communication about incoming surrendered pets will be done via email.


Stray Services – Reuniting families with their pets:

We want to make sure your pets are with you for the holidays. Heartland Humane is the housing facility for stray pets found in Benton County. If you have lost a pet (or found one), please use the resources on our Lost and Found Pets page.


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