Intake by Owner Surrender: Fall 2022

Our shelter remains open-intake for strays found in Benton County. Found pets can be brought to our shelter between 12 pm and 5 pm, 7 days a week. On closed days, please ring the doorbell.

Intake by owner surrender is managed through a waitlist to ensure we have the proper space and resources to house your pet when they arrive. If you are a pet owner needing to surrender your pet to our shelter, please use the appropriate form at the link to tell us about your pet: Pet Surrender 


Stray Services – Reuniting families with their pets:

We want to make sure your pets are with you for the holidays. Heartland Humane is the housing facility for stray pets found in Benton County. If you have lost a pet (or found one), please use the resources on our Lost and Found Pets page.


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