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Planned Giving and Promise Program

Planned Giving & Promise Program

Planned Giving

Heartland Humane Society donors are a dedicated and inspiring group of people who are committed to making a difference for the animals of Benton County. Many of our donors have enhanced their giving by making a gift through their estate plan or by way of beneficiary designation. By working with your estate planner you can determine the best way to leave a lasting legacy. Learn more about Leaving a Legacy.

Leave a legacy of compassion for tomorrow
through thoughtful planning today.

How will you leave your community a better place? What do you hope your legacy will be?

Many people have goals to support their family and their community. And those goals can be accomplished with future gifts through thoughtful estate planning. This is often called planned giving.

There are a variety of ways to include Heartland Humane Shelter & Care in your plans. We are here to help.

Call us at 541-757-9000 x109 or send an email early in your estate planning process to discuss options that may work for you to include a gift to Heartland Humane.

Did you know? Having a valid will in place isn’t enough.

Assets you pass on outside of your will are called non-probate assets. They include lRAs, 401(k)s, pensions, life insurance policies, and certain bank and brokerage accounts.

Set beneficiaries for these non-probate assets so ownership can transfer faster than your assets that must go through probate.

If you’ve left a gift to Heartland Humane Shelter & Care in your estate plan, you can use the tool below to let us know!

Write My Free Will

Protecting who you love and what you care about is important, but planning is easy to put off. We believe that all people and families deserve opportunities to thrive, including building financial security. Our partnership with FreeWill allows you to write your legally valid will – for free!

Learn more about how FreeWill works by watching this short video.

Benton Community Foundation Endowed Fund

Heartland Humane has an endowed fund through Benton Community Foundation. A gift made to this fund is invested by Benton Community Foundation and generates income to support Heartland’s mission for years to come.

The Heartland Promise Program

Consider your animals in your planning

Heartland’s Promise Program ensures that your animal companion will have somewhere to go and an opportunity to find a loving family after you are gone.

When an animal becomes part of your family you make a promise.
Heartland is here to help you keep it.

Heartland’s Promise Program ensures that your animal companion will have somewhere to go and an opportunity to find a loving family after you are gone.

Enrollment is simple:

  1. Arrange to make a bequest gift to Heartland in your will/estate planning, or make a lifetime gift.
  2. Complete the Promise Program Enrollment Packet, including a Pet Profile for each animal you are enrolling in the program.
  3. Return the Promise Program Enrollment Packet to Heartland’s Development Department (email [email protected], or mail 398 SW Twin Oak Circle, Corvallis, OR 97333). Also, provide a copy of the packet to your personal representative.

For inquiries about the Promise Program or to schedule a packet walk-through, please contact [email protected] or 541-757-9000 x109.

Legacy Circle

Individuals and families who have included Heartland Humane Shelter & Care in their plans become part of our Legacy Circle to recognize their generosity. If you included Heartland in your legacy planning please complete a simple form at the link below.

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