In-Kind Donations

Non-monetary gifts of pet food and supplies help us keep costs down and save more animals.
Consider making an in-kind donation by purchasing and donating items from our wish-list.

Our #1 need is always high quality* dry cat food.

*We aren’t picky about brand. As long as the 1st two ingredients are meat proteins, our animals are happy!


Seasonal Wish-List

Here’s what we need the most right now:

  • Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat Dry Cat Food (or other small kibble suitable for weaning)
  • High quality* dry cat food (kitten, adult, senior, or all life stages)
  • Dog training treats (soft and stinky; small is best)
  • Wet cat food
  • High quality* dog food (adult, senior, or all life stages)
  • Dog rawhides
  • Cat toys
  • Timothy hay
  • Batteries (AA, D, 9V)
  • Windex, bleach, rubbing alcohol
  • Printer paper


When you bring in an in-kind donation we will ask that you fill out an in-kind form. We can give you a copy of the form at the time of donation that can serve as your tax receipt or you can request a mail or email receipt.

Print an In-Kind Form

Hold a donation drive for Heartland!

Printable wish lists