3/8/22: Canine intake by owner surrender is temporarily closed.


Pet Surrender

Heartland Humane operates an open-intake shelter for pets in Benton County. We will never turn away a pet in need because of poor health, age, or breed. Limitations on intake may be temporarily placed in response to lack of space.

Surrendering Your Pet

Intakes of surrendered animals are by appointment only. This service is for pet animals. Feral cats can be neutered or spayed and then returned to their territory through our Trap, Neuter, and Return program, but are not good candidates for shelter animals. If you are working with a cat that cannot be handled, please call the shelter to discuss TNR.

The fee to surrender a pet falls on a sliding scale, beginning at $50, and up to $100. The average cost of care for a pet at our shelter falls above $500. Pet owners identify where they fall on the fee scale.

If you live in Benton County or Corvallis, please fill out the appropriate profile below. You will be contacted by staff to schedule your appointment.


Cat Surrender Questionnaire


Temporarily closed. Please check back soon.

Small Animals

Small Animal Surrender Questionnaire