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Surrendering your Pet

Pet Surrender

In addition to housing stray pets, our municipal shelter takes in animals whose owners can no longer care for them. We manage the intake of owner-surrendered pets by scheduling them in advance to ensure we have the space and resources to care for them.

Important Facts

Intakes of surrendered animals are by appointment only. If you are working with a cat that cannot be handled, please call the shelter to discuss TNR. The standard fee to surrender a pet is $100, but we do have a sliding scale. Our shelter’s average cost of care for a pet falls at $600, and the surrender fee is used to offset the costs of taking over full medical and daily care of surrendered animals, providing vaccinations, food, cleaning, etc. Pet owners identify where they fall on the fee scale.

If you live in Benton County or Corvallis, please fill out the appropriate profile below. Staff will contact you via email with any additional questions, to let you know if we are equipped to work with your animal, and when we are able to schedule your surrender appointment. If we are unable to work with your pet, we will let you know as soon as possible. Because we are receiving many stray pets this time of year, you may have to wait several weeks for an appointment.

For further inquiries about surrender information, the waitlist, or other general questions, please send an email to [email protected].

Pet Surrender Profile Links

This information will help us care for your pet at our shelter, as well as find the best home for them if they are placed for up adoption, so be as detailed as possible.

Surrender Profiles are reviewed in order of submission, with priority given to animals from our service area of Benton County. Once your profile is received, we will add it to our waitlist and contact you to schedule when we have space available.

Please choose the appropriate form:

Cat Surrender Profile   (Surrender is for pet cats, not ferals or community cats)

Dog Surrender Profile

Small Animal Surrender Profile

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