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Local Dog Trainers

Local Dog Trainers

Heartland Humane Shelter & Care uses and recommends positive reinforcement training, as endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States and other nationally recognized industry leaders. Positive reinforcement training is a science-backed, evidence-based approach to training your dog and strengthening the human-canine bond. Please note that this is a resource list of local trainers who use positive reinforcement-based training methods. While many of these trainers offer discounts to adopters, their inclusion on this list should not be read as a recommendation or endorsement of their business. Heartland Humane strongly encourages you to do your own research before selecting any professional to work with your dog.


Best Friends

Owner: Brittany Obermann
Training focus: Group classes for obedience/sports and private sessions for behavior modification
[email protected]
Bonus: 10% discount (used once) for either private lessons or obedience-related training for dogs adopted within the previous 6 months – you will need to present your paperwork to receive the coupon!

Canine Mind LLC

Owner: Tasman Flora
Training focus: Behavior modification and rehabilitation
[email protected]
Bonus: FREE 30-minute phone/zoom consultation within 6 months of adoption!

Canis Agilis

Owner: Dave Vesely
Training focus: Basic obedience, sports, and behavior modification
[email protected]

For the Love of Dog

Owner: Sharon Gakstatter
Training focus: Behavior modification and performance sports
[email protected]

Mellow Dogs, LLC

Owner: Lara Gardner
Training focus: Behavior modification
[email protected]
Bonus: 20% discount to anyone adopting from Heartland Humane Shelter and Care!

Pawesome Pet Services

Owner: Dodie Slaton
Training focus: Behavior modification
[email protected]
Bonus: 15% discount for dogs adopted from any shelter within 90 days of adoption!


Owner: Krysten Kirk
Training focus: Behavior modification and basic skills
[email protected]
Bonus: $10 off your first lesson!


Owner: Jenn Michaelis
Training focus: Manners classes and behavior modification
[email protected]

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