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Celebrate – Year End Giving

Time to Celebrate!

It has been a busy but rewarding year full of positive outcomes for animals, thanks to our amazing donors!

Gifts from donors make up more than 30% of our budget, and we simply could not do this work without the support of our community. 

Here’s how donor support is helping animals in Benton County and beyond this year and into the next: 

Dog intake and length of stay are at a 5 year high, so we are working with dogs in the shelter to remove barriers to adoption and reaching new adopters to improve outcomes for all dogs. 

Special species pets have specific care needs; we are working to meet all of those needs and increase enrichment while they stay, giving them the best chance at a reunion with their families or to find new loving homes. 

Demand for vet care assistance is overwhelming, so we are bringing back vaccine and microchip clinics and spay/neuter events to provide affordable services to animals and people in need. 

Families need our help, so we are providing in-shelter care for animals of families in crisis, pet food to those in need, and behavioral resources to keep families together when facing trying times. 

Your support means this work doesn’t stop and together we will have more to celebrate! Will you invest in animals and the people who love them in Benton County and beyond?

Smiles & wags!

Low-Key's Happy Reunion:

One of our favorite positive outcomes this year was Low-Key being returned to his family after being missing for 6 months!

Low-Key was found in Albany but it wasn’t clear exactly where. His finders lived in North Albany and Albany Police Department brought him to Heartland. After not being claimed, he became available for adoption. 

Six months later, his family reached out to Heartland on the long shot that the dog they saw on the website was actually their long-lost companion. There was not a dry eye in the house at their overjoyed and tearful reunion!

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